Humans are super-cooperators, able to set aside individual desire in order to join forces and seize opportunity to make change. We are a truly social creature of the animal kingdom, living in multigenerational communities, practicing division of labor and often behaving altruistically. We need each other - to know ourselves, to share experiences, to grow.

One of life’s most powerful gifts is to give to others. No matter who you are or what you have, you are a gift and there is someone who needs you. Even if it is just a gift of energy, never underestimate the power of an offering.



We use products we feel good about - vegan, cruelty-free, sustainable, local, gender-neutral and organic whenever possible. Sometimes it costs a little more but a bit of extra love for our bodies and our planet is worth it!



We love supporting great non-profits who do good work. Contact us with your request for donation - a private ride or group session, meditation room use, etc. Let us know how we might be able to help your cause.



The Ride didn’t just fall into place - we walked and sometimes crawled to this spot! We want to encourage and support other women who dare to dream. We offer monthly knowledge and experience sharing sessions in our meditation room.



To go where you have never been you must do what you’ve never done. Along the way I, Aina Oyewole-Williams, have had a wonderful amount of support. From past riders, friends, spiritual and energetic healers to my furry family, I would not be as well kept as I am without all who have been a part of the journey to The Ride. Here is a list of some of my people.

Brooks Siegal, best friend and investor

Justin Siegal, friend and investor

Jen Fuller, friend, administrative support

Trista Jennings, friend, owner of We Yoga (my favorite yoga studio and instructor) and The Ride photographer

David Zarza, friend, my resident medium, psychic and all around wonderful human

Kathleen Pratt, my Doctor!, one of my rowers and just a bad ass woman;

Maya Kanah, my go to psychic (she really is phenomenal)

Pavitra Ehses, my body talk practitioner

Amy Morgan, friend and my amazing energy worker

Hanouf Grandinetti, friend, client and investor

Leslie Chihuly, Charter member, friend and client

Laurie Leak, Charter member and one of my rowers

Shannon Phillips, Charter member and one of my rowers

Carolyn Illman, Charter member, friend and client

Keli Keach, Charter member and friend

Charlotte Baxter, Charter member, and friend

Keith Greer, Charter member and friend

Amy McGuire, Charter member and friend

Elaine Christiansen, Charter member, one of my rowers and friend

Seema and Mohit Bhende, Charter members, friends and clients

Lyz Cover, Charter member, friend, contractor, dog helper and just generally my right hand

Kent, contractor and friend; Scott Soules, building owner and supporter of dreams

Sonja Demco, my heart

Sowande Williams, my sister and sometimes front desk person

Genelle Benker, friend and astrologer

Tracey Salazar, early photographer for The Ride

Leslie Lorenz, previous business partner

Sarah Goble, previous brainstorming partner

Scott Soules, landlord extraordinaire