Come experience the best of what indoor cycling is. Riding on the best bikes in the industry this 45 minute experience will give you all the feels. Experience unique instructor curated playlists, muted lighting and tiered seating. Classes are designed for all levels from beginner to the most experienced.


Your first indoor cycling class with us is free! We provide towels and shoes, however if you have your own feel free to bring them. Wear comfortable workout gear for riding a bike - shorts or leggings with a tank or t-shirt. Try not to ride on an empty stomach; have a full meal a few hours before or a light snack a half-an-hour before. Drink a good amount of water before, during and after your ride. Bring a water bottle and fill up at the studio or, if you forget, we have reusable water bottles all clean and ready to go for you (we don’t use plastic at The Ride).

Arrive 15 mins early and let us know it’s your first time. We will show you the space, help you set up your bike and make sure you’re comfy!




Do you remember recess? Don’t you kind of miss it? So do we and that is why we have created BodyCamp. You jump, you crawl, you laugh, you sweat and you are met where you are. No reason to be afraid, there is no yelling or aggressive coaching. You will be stronger, you will become more mobile, you will feel amazing. Let’s get at it!


Sign up online or call to ensure your spot in class, space is limited.



Being still creates infinite inner movement but finding the time and knowing how to begin is often a deterrent. The Ride’s guided meditation is for those of us looking for silence, desiring stillness, and attracted to what they haven’t yet learned about themselves. Also it is for busy, stressed, tired and overwhelmed people just trying to keep their heads on straight. Whatever your reason for needing meditation, we’ve got you covered.

Keep checking back for more offerings, we are building our classes steadily.




AINA Oyewole-williams


Aina loves bringing people together. An instructor and coach for more than 20 years, she is fascinated by the power of movement to heal, create, transform and connect. The experience she creates in the studio is one that supports personal change and growth on all levels.

“We will sweat, we will grow, we will feel, we will push forward… most of all, we will allow all that is meant to be in our world - all of the abundance - in.”


Carrie Stengel


Carrie is interested in how physical spaces can make you feel good. A self-taught designer, she works to create a visual aesthetic that reflects the open, dynamic and transformative nature of The Ride.

“I like spaces that make me feel cozy, energized, calm. I want people to feel comfortable and enabled to do what they need to from the moment they walk through our door.”